Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cece starts Swim Team today

Its that time of year again when the pool gets cranked up and the kids with hardcore attitudes hit the water to begin early practice for the swim team.

Going to be tough on them today suppose to be in the low to mid 60's and the pool water hasn't really had much time to warm up yet.  Cece has been looking forward to this since the end of swim team last year.  


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great day today!

Looking back on today... I am reminiscing of fun things that I did with the family.


I played the second day of a two day golf tournament.  We won our flight.  Got home to drop off the golf clubs etc. and Cece and Dani were just getting home from the library.  I was taking the dogs outside and we were discussing the results of the tourney.  I finished up some work items and Cece and I went outside to play.


We played croquette, badminton, and the rollerbladed until I got tired.  I then took them out to dinner and we ran an errand on the way home.  We had cookie dough Frosty's from Wendy’s for dessert before it was the bedtime ritual again.  


Not looking forward to the rat race tomorrow but it is what it is.


Member Member Tourney

We had our 2 day member member tourney this past weekend March 28th and 29th.  Friday night was team buy and paramutal selections.  My partner for the weekend didn't believe in wagering so he just paid the entry fee and left the rest up to me.  We were flighted 10 in 3 flights and got placed in the first flight.  This is the first time I had made it to the big time where real golf is played.

We played well Saturday in poor golfing conditions.  I was completely amped up and was hitting my irons about 2 clubs farther than normal so I was having issues trying to hold greens.  Putter wasn't all that great either.  We had a 72 net 60 which put us in the net lead for the flight.  Saturday night it rained most of the night is a slow steady rain.  Got a little over an inch and a half of rain so the course was soggy for Sundays round.  The sun came out but it was really windy so scoring was tougher.  I helped my partner on more holes on Sunday but didn't birdie a hole all weekend just too tight.  I did have quite a few pars and bogey net pars to help the cause.  Out of the 36 holes we only carded 1 double bogey and that was 17 today.  We ended up 78 net 66 today.  Looking forward to getting back out and scoring better.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moved site.

I have moved my site from a wordpress host to blogger. Still working on the new layout until then I am using a standard one.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"38" my new low for 9 holes today

It was a balmy 65* today and went out with the blue tee blitz today.  Had 3 bogeys on the front with 6 pars for a 38!  Wooohooo!  On the back started off fine par, bogey but then ran into a stretch of triple, bogey, double, bogey, double to kill my run at breaking 80.  Finished with an 86 nice round for the 3rd one I got in this year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Superbowl Scramble Tourney

Played at my clubs Superbowl Party / Golf Tournament on Sunday.  The format is 6 points for eagle, 3 points birdie, 1 point for par, and -2 points for bogie.  It was a mild day in the low 60's and sunny.  There was steady wind blowing all day and there were tough pin placements.  Scoring was tough we ended up with 43 points and we also had low gross but came in second place.  It was a good time, kind of frustrating as we left enough points to run away with the thing out on the course.  I had been working on my iron swing to try and drive through the ball and not scoop it.  I have been working on slowing my transition down and holding wrist lag through the ball.  I was keeping track of my iron shots and had 1 duffed shot and 5 that flew over greens the rest were either on the greens or just off.  Really happy with the results especially since I have been so busy with work and not getting much practice time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new friend for our family!

Well we wanted to find a senior dog for our house to befriend our daughter and existing 9 year old Dacshund.  We were checking the local shelters, newspaper, craigs list and then googled.  Found  They had several potential dogs.  I checked the classifieds and found an owner that needed to find a home for a 6 year old Dacshund.  Wow!  Just what we wanted.  So after contacting and emailing the owner we decided that we would adopt Humphrey.  We received him on December 21st and Cece thought it was a perfect Christmas Present.  We decided that Humphrey didn't fit so we are calling him Bär or Baer (German for Bear).  He was slightly overweight (8 pounds) and he checked out great at the Vet.  Also he fit right in our house.  He took about a week to get comfortable.  At first he was really laid back and was just soaking it all in but now he is just such a great little guy to have around.  He took imediately to Cece and they are best buddies now.  If Cece goes outside with out him he starts crying.  Its great to have a wonderful pet like Bär!




Monday, December 8, 2008

Goodbye little buddy

Our youngest mini dachshound has been battling cushings disease. He took a turn for the worse this past week and we had to have him put to sleep. He was my daughters favorite puppy because he loved attention and let her lay on him, drag him around, chew on him. He just accepted her and barely ever complained.

Rest In Peace. Wolfy we love you!

"Konig Wolfgang"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was on one of my favorite hardware sights and came across some post about loading Mac OSX on PC's.  So I thought I got some free time and it doesn't cost me any hardware to try out.  Wow I like it.  It took me 2 tries to get it installed I ended up using iDeneb 1.3 install package on a C2D e6600 on a 650I motherboard with 8800GTS 320meg video card using onboard sound and network.  The network is the only real issue I have as Apple doesn't officially support the product as of yet.  Now with their new introduction of Mac Books using nVidia hardware it should get better.  I have been looking at picking up a Mac mini to sit next to my monitor to support and learn the OS.  So far so good.