Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moved site.

I have moved my site from a wordpress host to blogger. Still working on the new layout until then I am using a standard one.


  1. Is this the Deon Knecht who was a Running Mallard years ago? I am working on my comeback. Ran a slow, lousy 5th place overall finish at the Old Settlers Days 5k last August. Got no running in over the winter. Have been running again since the start of March. Training at a 7:00/mile pace so far this year with some easy sub-6:00 miles mixed in. This year my speed is coming back. Plan on running the Des Moines Marathon this October.

  2. RICK!
    Yes one and the same. I have to give up serious running and basketball as my patella tendon on my left knee started giving me problems. I am able for the most part walk and golf but any running or jumping just kills me. I have tried different knee braces and stretching but nothing helped. Shoot me an email