Sunday, March 29, 2009

Member Member Tourney

We had our 2 day member member tourney this past weekend March 28th and 29th.  Friday night was team buy and paramutal selections.  My partner for the weekend didn't believe in wagering so he just paid the entry fee and left the rest up to me.  We were flighted 10 in 3 flights and got placed in the first flight.  This is the first time I had made it to the big time where real golf is played.

We played well Saturday in poor golfing conditions.  I was completely amped up and was hitting my irons about 2 clubs farther than normal so I was having issues trying to hold greens.  Putter wasn't all that great either.  We had a 72 net 60 which put us in the net lead for the flight.  Saturday night it rained most of the night is a slow steady rain.  Got a little over an inch and a half of rain so the course was soggy for Sundays round.  The sun came out but it was really windy so scoring was tougher.  I helped my partner on more holes on Sunday but didn't birdie a hole all weekend just too tight.  I did have quite a few pars and bogey net pars to help the cause.  Out of the 36 holes we only carded 1 double bogey and that was 17 today.  We ended up 78 net 66 today.  Looking forward to getting back out and scoring better.

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