Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hole In One!!!!

Played in July 4th Red White & Blue tournament. 6 Holes from each tee box. Hole # 6 had a front pin placement and a forward tee so it was playing about 153 from the white tee markers. Played an eight iron. It was a good swing and a decent looking flight. One of the guys in the group said good looking shot. I remarked as I was walking away from tee shot that I should have a kick in birdie putt. The green is protected by a bunker with hill behind on the front. It has large hills on the right side and the entire left of the hole is hazard wetland area. So we couldn't see the ball land. We ride up to the green and only see 3 balls. My partner in the 4ball tourney gets excited and starts yelling its in the hole! I walked up and there it was in the bottom of the cup!

Other great news as a side note. I also shot a 79! My new low for 18 holes. Had a 37 on the front what is my new low for 9 holes. Great day!!!

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  1. I was going to get you a birthday present, but seeing as you got your whole in one, I figure you are good for a while.

    Big Stevie