Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring right around the corner.

What a great winter we have had this year. Been really mild do in part to the La Nina in the Pacific keeping the Jetsteam at bay. Cece played basketball again and I was assistant coach again. This was the first year her team won enough games to be over .500. I am excited for them. Their year end party is this upcoming Sunday. Should be a good time as it's girls against the coaches in a cage deathmatch brawl. Cece is now moving onto golf and has been working on her game. The plan is to do a series of lessons and drills to get her ready for some local tourneys this summer. That is around swim team of course. My game is starting to really come together as I have started to get my mechanics put back together after a rough fall and winter of little golf and zero practice time. Can't wait for tourney time this year!

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