Sunday, July 27, 2008

Club's Match Play Championship

Our match play tournament is 2 days 5 matches.  On Saturday I shot 42, 42, 39.  My first for ever breaking 40 on 9 holes!  I was pumped.  I had the flight lead after the first day.

Sunday different story couldn’t seem to get it going had what seemed a months worth of bad luck all at the same time.  I shot 44, 50 and ended up third in my flight.  I was trying to have fun but it seemed like I always had the a tough shot or tried the wrong shot for the situation.  No focus, bad bounces and always playing from the rough or bunkers just tore me up today.


The new Tour iX from Callaway rocks though.  Love the ball versus my goto which is the Titlest Pro V1.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wow the big 40

Well today is the day.  I turn 40.  Been a great ride so far and as I have been telling people that call to congratulate me its almost to half way.  :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July red, white & blue Flag tournament

My neighbor Jeff and I were partners.  The format is 6 from the blue tees, 6 from the white tees and 6 from the red tees.  We started on hole 17 both had pars.  I was in the trash on the next 2 holes but my partner picked me up.  On hole #8 which is a par5 5 played the forward or red tee markers hit a high tee shot through the trees protecting the right front side of the fairway got a huge bounce and had 115 to the pin.  Hit my approach iron to about 2′ and eagled the hole!  I carded a net 2 with handicap.  On 10 hit my drive into the trees / hazard on the right side found it in a small clearing chipped out which left me 140 to the pin.  Hit my 8 iron to about 30′ leaving a twister for par.  I rammed the putt home for par.  It wasn’t pretty but effective.  Jeff holed about a 35′ putt on 12 for another eagle net double eagle.   On hole 13 played the forwards again and this time I striped my drive right down the middle leaving 82 yards to the pin.  Little sand wedge to about 12′ and this putt was straight into the hole for birdie!  We were in the clubhouse at 65 net 54.  We were the winners an of course heard the sandbagger calls from the peanut gallery.  It was great fun!

Monday, June 9, 2008

2 Day Member / Guest Tournament

Member Guest weekend at the club.  

Friday - practice round, long drive competition and chipping contest.  Buffet dinner and drinks with a little side action.

Saturday - Tee off at 8:00 best ball net.  Following Saturday’s round the teams leading the flight will compete in a Bubba Shootout.

Saturday night dinner is live lobster.

Sunday - Tee off at 9:00 again best ball net.  Following round is awards and door prize give aways.


I invited my brother-in-law Mike to partner up again this year.  We were the reigning Bubba Shootout champions.  Mike came in with a 4 handicap and I was getting a stroke a hole.  Practice round went well.  Mike shot 78 and I had an 85.  We were 11 or 12 under par net ball.  Feeling pretty good about the weekend.  Didn’t get much gambling action as handicap has been falling but not fast enough to get many bets. 

Saturday Mike shot an 85 (ouch!) and I had an 88.  That put us in the clubhouse 80 net 64.  Good enough for middle of the pack in our flight.  Sunday we had a tough time getting it done.  Mike shot 78 or 79 and I had an ugly 94.  No money this year.  Had fun just didn’t finish the holes on Sunday and had trouble focusing due to the extremely slow play.  Never got a chance to get into a groove.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perfect Practice

Here is a great website that really goes into detail and breaks down Tigers swing and steps to duplicate it.