Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Cece had been flirting with a round in the 70's and she finally broke through.

Lady Patriot Invitation at Wescott Plantation held on October 2nd 2016.  She started on hole # 8 Oak Forrest course.  Ladies were playing the Par 3 holes from the white tee's.  She hit a 5 iron to 5' 9" and made her birdie putt.  Got her closest to pin contest winner as well.  She made bogie on 9.  Then went to Burn Kill course for the front 9.  She went 4 over with 1 birdie and 5 bogies.  I had a good feeling as she was doing a good job of getting her approach shots to middle or back fringe of the greens.  Then back to the front 9 where she had a lip out bogie on 1.  Then she parred until number 7 a par 5.  If she has a 7 or less she in under 80.  Her driver swing was tight but decent.  She clubs down on her second shot to avoid bunkers.  Has 147 to a tucked back right pin.  She hits it to 7'.  When she gets to the green she is practically hyperventilating she is so excited.  She exclaims 2 putt and she is in the 70's.  I laughed and said no way.  I had tracked scores and stats so I knew.  One of the ladies in the group had gone just over the back left so her shot to the pin would give Cece a decent read on what to expect from her putt.  When it was finally her turn she drained the putt to the center of the cup for a birdie and a 76!!!  Way to go I am so happy for your accomplishment!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

FDHS Lady Patriots Girls Golf season has started.

Cece is back on the team again this year.  Been fighting the weather with pop up showers and thunder storms causing interruptions.

Team is working hard at another good run in the State Championships.

The first head to head match Cece is low medalist for a nine hole match versus Berkley HS.

This is from Woodside Plantation in Aiken SC.  Hole #7 she is preparing to read the green for her long putt.  September 14th 2016.

Here is an approach shot at Woodside.

Here is a putt for 80 on 18 at Windermere.  She misses unfortunately.  September 17th 2016.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I haven't updated the main page in a while.

Cece's has been playing a bunch of golf.

Did OK in quite a few tourneys and not so in some others.  She has been to the edge but hasn't broken through to the 70's.  She is so close.

HS golf season is back in and I have been helping coach the team.

Busy with work and need to be visiting family more.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wow life is moving along... Dani just hit 50.  :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

FD Girls finish 7th in State

After two rounds in less than ideal conditions our girls finish in 7th.  A little disappointing but still the best finish ever for the team.  We were in 5th after first day and fell back on the second.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

FD Girls Golf team takes 3rd place in Lower State Championship help at Wescott Plantation on Monday October 19th.  Wando wins and Lexington finishes second.  Rough start to the tourney with a balmy 40* start.  It warmed to 60* at 1:00 pm.  Good Luck in State!!!

Go Lady Patriots.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wow Cece came up seriously clutch today.  It was a long day on the course with all the rain we have had over the past week and half.  The course was muddy in places.  The competitors in the foursome she was in didn't get off to a great start.  Cece was 3 over through 5 holes and then got distracted with the errant shots of her foursome and ended up with a 49 on the front.  The other competitors in her group shot 58, 65 and 65.  The Bluffton teams #5 player shot a 47 so with the top 4 scores we were tied with team scores of 175 at the turn.  After a quick lunch the girls were sent back out.  Good news our #5 player shot a career low of 44 for the first 9 but got a little worked up about it and struggled on the back 9.  Our #3 had a difficult start on the first nine but came back strong on the second nine and beat her competitors.  So heading down the stretch our #1 finished back 2 shots.  Our #2 finished back 3 and our #3 finished ahead 3.  That left Cece and our #5 to pull together 2 strokes for the tie or 3 strokes for the win.  In a fight to the finish Cece through 16 (hole #7) was at 33.  The #5 from Bluffton was at 33 through 6.  Cece needed to par out to help our team challenge for the Regional win.  On #17 a par three Cece came up short with her tee shot and left a long par attempt after her chip.  She rolled her put ever so close to dropping but unfortunately ended up to the side of the hole with a kick in bogie.  On #18 a short par four Cece hit one of her better drives of the day to 125 out but was in the middle of a fairway pot bunker.  It took another five minutes for her to get a chance to play her second shot.  She used an 8 iron from the bunker.  Her shot was high and tracking straight at the pin.  It lands on the green about four inches from the pin and rolls to about two and half feet.  Man I was so excited I jumped and yelled for joy.  Other Fort parents got a kick about how excited I got with the incredible effort to focus and execute a difficult shot.  Cece then waited for the other girls in her group to finish and she drained the birdie put for a 40 on her second nine holes.  The #5 from Bluffton shot a 46 on the back for a 99 and our girls brought home the trophy 347 to 349.  Three Fort girls won Regional honors for scoring Taylor, Delanie and Cece.

Congratulations to the Ft. Dorchester Girls Golf Team!

Cece and the Ft. Dorchester Lady Patriots start their playoff run today.  Playing at Regionals at Summerville CC (Miler).

Go win!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

More work on trunk area on Sunday. Starting rear window panel install.

Long Saturday on the trunk pans

Got to work a little after 8:00 am and called for the day about 6:00 pm.  My back today is in full spasm.  I would have to say I may have over done it.  Got the pans in just got to fix a small trimming error and tacking the sides in.  Woohoooo!  It has been a long time coming to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The list is weld the sides of the trunk pan.  Install the bottom of the rear window metal and make sure the window fits properly.  Then install the heads on the motor and put the top end on.  Install new radiator.  Rear end I need to install new axle bearings and fill with oil.  See the work on my Chevelle page.